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Friday, March 10, 2017

Trail Puzzle Game By Ionut Panescu

iPhone Screenshot 2
Trail Puzzle Game By Ionut Panescu. His description:
Create your own trails through the maze, over walls and around obstacles. Sometimes you need to be patient, sometimes you have to be fast! Oh, and stay out of the turrets' way ! 
"Trail was inspired by simplicity. Minimal design, basic mechanisms combined with ingenuity. We wanted a creative game experience, that can be challenging but at the same time offer limitless solutions at any level".

iPhone Screenshot 4
Tom's thoughts: the objective is to trace a path through all of the blue lines just once.  On some levels, when you get 'stuck', you can 'swap heads', with your tail.

It's a bit similar to the Impossible Puzzle Game,  It's all graph theory. As long as you know it, these puzzles go pretty fast.

I did 31 of the 108 levels.

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