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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Colorbind: iphone puzzle app game

Colorbind is the brainchild of Daniel Lutz. The object: move and wrap the blue ribbon over the blue dots. Do the same with each color. There are a couple of other rules - better that you discover them yourself.

Spoiler: Some dots cannot be covered with 2 different colored ribbons while other dots can be covered. There's no way of knowing! So, you may discover a solution that's arbitrarily not valid. This Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent has solved 80/84 levels over a 2 week span.

$1.99 provides many hours of challenges & entertainment. Far less than the price of a movie or even a Starbucks coffee. Bravo to Daniel Lutz who created these very unique puzzles.


  1. It depends on if the ribbon is in the upper or lower position. If there are two, the upper one is always the one covering the dot.