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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mazzle: iphone ipad ipod touch puzzle app

Mazzle is similar to other puzzle apps. The object is to arrange all the colors into squares. This is done by shifting rows & columns.

There are 3 levels. The image above shows the medium & hard levels. Notice that each square is unique, so this is harder than the other versions.

Question: is it possible to exchange to adjacent squares?


excranum said...

same problem: is it possible or is it a bug?

Tom Cutrofello said...

I think it's not possible to switch just 2 pieces. However, I think that it's possible to solve this by swapping the top left color with the bottom right color. That should take care of the parity issue.

excranum said...

ok, got it:
for medium level, when two tiles in the last row on the right have to be changed (yellow tiles):
row 4: 2 left
col 2: 1 down
row 4: 2 right
col 2: 1 up
row 4: 1 right
now yellow is fixed, green is mixed, then:
col 2: 1 down
row 4: 1 right
col 2: 1 up
row 4: 1 left
now it is solved...

thanks for your answer...

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