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Friday, October 28, 2016

SpreadSet by Chen Xue Free

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
SpreadSet from Chen Xue was a surprise for me.  Look at the 2nd image. The object is to Spread a ribbon from the 16 square to cover all the squares.  Yawn.
iPhone Screenshot 4
Then I realized that level 7 or 8 was impossible. Until I realized that one ribbon can push another ribbon out of the way, if there's room.

There are only 25 levels, which I love!  I was stuck on level 18 for a couple of days. Must have attempted it 30 times.  At the moment I'm stuck on 23.

The graphics aren't great, but that's fine.


angel dust said...

Hi Tom, are you fine? A week without posting? Hope so.

Tom Cutrofello said...

Angel Dust,

thanks for your concern. I'm find. Just been busy.

Shy Hermit said...


Unless the developer is using a different publishing alias, this game (first released in August 2016) appears to be a clone of a paid game called Maze -- spread puzzle developed by Zhonghui Chen first released back in December 2015.

This is a case of either frank plagiarism by a different developer or duplicate releases from the same developer under different accounts.

You should check it out and post a follow-up.

Tom Cutrofello said...


I was wondering the same thing. According to the App Store, the two people are the same.

One game is free!

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