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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Illusion Maze

Capture d’écran iPhone 1                    Capture d’écran iPhone 2
Illusion Maze may be a bare bones puzzle app. But it is decidedly charming. The object is to get to the yellow square.
Capture d’écran iPhone 3                          Capture d’écran iPhone 5
There are 30 levels and the object in each is to get to the yellow square. The designs themselves are quite good. I did them all in about 1 hour.

There are 30 levels.  Not sure if this game is completely original, or even partly original.  There's another game called Hocus that's very similar.


Edderiofer said...

Not actually having played Hocus, I don't know how similar the two are except in concept; I'm not sure if they have the same levels (though it doesn't seem like it). However, this app isn't exactly the best-designed in terms of interface.

Robert Dancer said...

Looks like a pure Hocus copy... I did almost all of them... The ones shown here are identical to Hocus, and as far as I can see Hocus came first. I haven't tried Illusion Maze, but Hocus is nice and relaxing... Not hard, but relaxing (sort of "Monument Valley Light"; not nearly the complexity or levels of thinking, but still nice...). Interface in Hocus is nice and simple too.

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