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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Puzzle King

Betsy Carter has written a novel about her great uncle Simon Phelps who was hailed by Time Magazine as The Puzzle King. Simon Phelps created die-cut jigsaw puzzles and made a mint. The novel is not really about puzzles. It's about Jews moving to America before the rise of Nazi Germany and then trying to get family members out. The first mention of puzzles appears on page 244! Nevertheless, it's still a good read. The real Puzzle King was Morris Einson.

Anne Williams - jigsaw puzzle scholar/expert was consulted by the author.

This blog is hoping that more novels & films will feature puzzlers as main characters!

By the way, look for the February 2010 issue of Games Magazine which will hit newsstands Dec 1. I have an article about MODERN jigsaws.

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