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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hex Slide 10,000 Iphone puzzle App

This Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent completed all 625 Expert levels of Rush Hour. Relieved and sad that there were no more challenges.

And now, Michael Katz & Nick Hodapp have created 10,000 levels of a new version which they name: Hex Slide 10,000. Of these, 4000 are at the Advanced Level.

.99 C'mon, don't be a cheapskate. Buy it! This is the perfect bargain for people serving long sentences.


  1. Tom, thanks for checking out Hex Slide 10,000. I'm interested to hear how you like the game, whether you found some of the levels challenging, how fun you like the hexes as compared to the square grid, whether you have suggestions for improvement, etc.

    -- Michael Katz

  2. I've done about 150 of the advanced levels. The puzzles are challenging at a level equal to the Rush Hour's Expert levels.

    Well polished puzzle app! Look forward to future puzzles from your team.

    Tom Cutrofello