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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blockoban: iphone puzzle app

Blockoban is an outstanding puzzle app that belongs on every serious puzzler's iphone/ipod/ipad. The object is to move the colored squares or open circles onto their matching targets. Think of it as a combination of Sokoban and Lunar Lockout.

But there's so much more. On some puzzles, squares will have a notch in the upper left hand corner. This means that they travel together. If one of them gets moved, they all move in the same direction.

Like Lunar Lockout, moved objects will travel until they hit a wall or another object. However, some puzzles have sticky squares.

If a square hits another square, it will stop in that position. However, if a square hits a circle, the square will stop normally, but the circle will absorb the momentum and keep traveling until it hits a wall.

Jean-Philipe Sarda is the brain child. You can create your own levels and then send them in.

720 easy levels
880 medium levels
420 hard levels
160 big map levels.
One of the best bargains in town.

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