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Monday, February 7, 2011

Witty Bump: iphone puzzle app review

Witty Bump is a maze with bumpers, wormholes and splitters. Object: shoot the red dot into the X. If the red dot enters a blue circle, it will exit the other blue circle - that's one wormhole. Also: each of the bumpers can be reoriented but not moved.

The big gray circle - not in all levels is interesting! If the red dot enters the gray circle from the top, 2 dots will emerge from the gray circle from the right and left and both must hit the big X.

I'm on level 75 - after playing about 2 hours. None of the levels is particularly hard. But it's definitely fun.


  1. Hello!

    I am Hugo Vargas Llanas (WittyBump creator). I am honoured! Thank you soo much for playing WittyBump.

  2. Hello Hugo! I am now on level 88. I have been playing WittyBump on the ipod touch. Using an ipad would be better!

    The speed of the ball - can you adjust that so the user can decease the speed?

    Good job! Keep me informed of future puzzle apps.