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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strimko Gold: iphone ipad ipod touch puzzle app Review

The Grabarchuk family has a long history of creating innovative, interesting and fun puzzles. Strimko is essentially a twisted version of sudoku.

Download the Gold version and get over 300 puzzles. I downloaded it 1.5 weeks ago and have solved about 70 levels in about 6 hours. This would be a bargain at $10. But it's $1.99


  1. Strimko is really just a version (in terms of presentation) of irregular sudoku, but what makes it nice is the handcrafted puzzles.

    I have solved 90 puzzles of the core pack, and most of the smaller puzzles in later packs. Up to Hard level is quite nice for the train but the Master puzzles can be quite brain draining.

    Puzzle 83 was really hard and I feel that it should perhaps be left out (or moved to a new "impossible category"). It is really hard to get through with logic alone.

  2. CJR

    you're right about the hand-crafted part.

    Puzzles that took forever: 38 - 26 min; 42 - 28 min; 76- 18 min.