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Monday, April 4, 2011

Drop 7: iphone ipad ipod touch puzzle app Review

Drop 7 comes from Zynga, the creators of Farmville and Mafia Wars. Drop the numbered discs into the slots strategically. It seems like Tetris, but there is no time constraint. I got through level 11 and scored 69,000 points. But I confess that I don't fully understand the game. In particular, there are some discs that are unnumbered. Actually, their number is hidden. To reveal the must do something - but it's not clear to me. Download Drop 7 for free, play around with it and let me know what you think.

1 comment:

  1. Whenever you create a sequence of discs (either horizontally or vertically) equal in number to the value on one of the discs in the sequence, those numbered discs disappear - this you've probably already deduced. To clear up your confusion with regard to the "hidden" number dots, the rules are as follows:

    If you cause a numbered disc to disappear (by creating a row or column equal in number to the value on the disc), any solid banded disc adjacent to that numbered disc (either horizontally or vertically) will change to a dashed banded disc, and any dashed banded disc will reveal its hidden number.

    Makes sense?