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Friday, May 13, 2011

ChessQuest (one word): iphone ipod ipad puzzle app

ChessQuest is an interesting series of puzzles. There are about 25 puzzles, which I solved in about 15 minutes. Why am I so good at this? Because of another app called Solitaire Chess which is the exact same thing, but far better.

ChessQuest is a little different in that there is a scoring system. A pawn taking a queen is worth more than a queen taking a pawn. Ignore that part of the game. Go with the Real McCoy: Solitaire Chess, which is one of the best puzzle apps ever. And I'm not saying that because Vesa Timonen is a friend. It really is exceptional.


  1. Try BC take instead, which is an interesting adaptation on the full board (although one could say that it is more of a knight's tour type puzzle, as one piece should take all the rest).

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