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Friday, July 8, 2011

Blockado Jungle: iphone ipad ipod touch puzzle app

We have seen sooooo many versions of Rush Hour by Nob Yoshigahara and Harry Nelson. Almost all of them are, frankly, rip-offs.

Blockado Jungle is similar to Rush Hour, but it is refreshingly innovative! The object is to get the treasure chest out of the grid.

What's different?
1. On some puzzles, there are multiple treasure chests to move.
2. The grid size is not always 6x6 and the exits for the treasure chest vary!
3. Some pieces have bridges. Therefore, another piece can pass under it.
4. Some pieces have springs - these puzzles can be very challenging.
5. Make your own puzzles. Look at the second image, above. Users can create their own levels and upload them on to the website for others to download.

I have solved almost all of the puzzles. One of them: I'm convinced is impossible. It's one of the spring puzzles.

Daniel Matzke and his team have done a terrific job creating a fun, intelligent set of brain teasers. Now: let's hope the puzzle community steps up and creates their own set of hundreds more puzzles.


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