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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Galaxy Express: puzzle app for ipad, iphone, ipod touch

Eli Cymet is the PR Director for Arctic Empire and he described Galaxy Express to me thusly: Galaxy Express, is a comedy-action-space-puzzler. Naturally I'm curious about the puzzler part.

Galaxy Express is a pure puzzle. Comedy-Action? After you solve a level, a short, juvenile dialog pops up. Cute, and appealing to teenage sci-fi nerds. Me, I'm a middle age nerd and skip to the puzzles.

The object: get your ship to the planet. Look at the grid: your ship will keep traveling until it hits a wall or asteroid. It will then turn starboard (to the right). Each puzzle comes with directional arrows for you to place on the board anywhere to change the trajectory of the ship.

Interesting elements: cannons that shoot at a constant rate; pirate ships that will turn port (to the left) when it hits a wall. Your ship will be destroyed if it collides with a pirate ship. There are 120 levels. Right now I'm on level 75. I've skipped about 10 of the levels.

Other elements: getting multiple ships to multiple planets (or a single planet), black holes which destroy your ship, and wormholes which magically transport your ship to a new location.

Galaxy Express is a fun, challenging, hard, great puzzle app. When you're done playing it, do try Witty Bump - another fabulous, under-appreciated puzzle app. Galaxy Express has a handy feature that allows the user to speed things up or slow things down. Witty Bump has 1 speed: super fast, which makes things hard.

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