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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blluby Arcade: free iphone ipad puzzle app

I downloaded Blluby Arcade and tried to figure out the rules. The rules are not posted on the app itself. However, I went to the company's webpage: and still am lost about the objective.

Can you make sense of this? "BLLUBY Arcade is a FREE puzzle game in an arcade style. It uses the mechanics of the BLLUBY Game - the same rules of how can you walking above the colored cubes and how can you turn them in the blue color.

But now, you need to make rolls, of at least 4 cubes, to destroy and eliminate them of the game. If all the 6 columns and 7 lines contains cubes, you lost.

Each move a new cube falls from the top, take care you do not be locked by dead cubes( blue cubes ). - "Remember of the rules! BLLUBY Game rules!"

BLLUBY Arcade has 3 game modes, Arcade, Portals and Vegas. Each game mode has a new and totally diferente challenge..."

1 comment:

  1. indeed, if dont played the original BLLUBY game, you are lost. But, it´s just too simple to learn...