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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Numbrosia: free iphone ipad puzzle app. Limited time free

Numbrosia comes from Amir Michail. He contacted me very recently about Numbrosia, Numbrosia2 and Numbrosia3. They are all free - for a limited time.

I play-tested Numbrosia last night and solved about 20 levels. The object: turn all the numbers to zero. Moves: slide rows across. Slide columns up and down. Add or subtract 1 to any row or column. Solve each puzzle in the fewest # of moves.

Is Numbrosia a great fantastic puzzle app? At first I said no. But I kept playing! So there is something addictive about this. Especially when you solve 1 puzzle in 48 moves and then redo it in 22 moves.

Readers/Play testers: tell me what you think of Numbrosia

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