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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MagyPath B.C. iphone ipad puzzle app

The object of MagyPath B.C. is to find a route from the bottom to the top. Start on a green tile and work your way up. Blue and red tiles are forbidden. A yellow tile will cost you 1 life.

Here's where it's a bit weird: each time you step on a tile: green or yellow, some of the other tiles change color in a random order.

MayPath B.C. has gotten some very good reviews. I've played the first 30 levels. I can see where it's addicting, but I'm not feeling it. But you might. So go ahead and download it - it's a free puzzle app.

Will this make it onto the 'Best Puzzle Apps of 2012'? I'm hoping better apps will come along.

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  1. Hi, a newer, nicer and better magypath is in sales...