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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Routes: free puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

The object of Just Routes is to draw 1 continuous line that never intersects itself. Naturally, you must start at 1 and finish at the highest number.

There are 45 easy levels, 35 medium levels and 25 advanced.  I've done them all.  I really like this set of puzzles.

I'm not sure if the puzzle designer Oleg Gorshunov intended this: your path need not cross over every square.

What I really like is that it's easy to erase your moves.

Another puzzle game app that I think is better is Numeric Paranoia. Same concept except many more puzzle levels and more difficult. But once you make a mistake, you must start over again.

Nice job Oleg!


  1. This puzzle is a lot of fun! But it is a bit too easy, even many of the advanced levels aren't that hard. I have finished all the free levels in under an hour, but now I have to pay $1 to get only 25 additional advanced levels? :-( I would like to see 200 additional advanced levels!

  2. I agree George. Do check out Numeric Paranoia.