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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trivia Death Match: Ken Jennings Puzzle Game App

About a month ago I watched Jeopard and was not happy. The topic was geometry and the answer was a triangle with sides 6, 8 & 10. The question from 1 contestant: what is a right triangle. Alex Trebek said 'no, what is a scalene triangle.' Ugh! I immediately switched channels.

A few days ago I got a promo code to play test Trivia Death Match which pits your skills against Ken Jennings.  Each quiz is 20 mulitple choice questions. You get 1000 points for each correct response plus a time bonus for answering quickly.

Ken Jennings took 50 of these quizzes. So you get to compare your score to Ken's.  I've played this 8 or 9 times......and I've lost every time. However, I was close on a few.

Trivia Death Match right now has 50 quizzes and I think they're going to add more.

Normally, this blog focuses on pure logical puzzle apps. However, Trivia Death Match is fun and worth your time!

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