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Friday, August 22, 2014


iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3
Boaz Ouriel from ZigZapps recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Petals: A Brain Teasing Puzzle.  Petals is a 'slide all the tiles together' type puzzle. The object is to get the flowers to their matching squares.
iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 3
We've seen this type of puzzle app numerous times. However, Petals has some interesting new features. See the purple circle with the white curved arrow? A petal will rotate 90 degrees. Then the widget will disappear. Another widget makes the petal flip over to its mirror image.

The first 96 levels are free. I've solved them all. Although I had to use a few hints.
Within that, there's a good mixture of easy, medium & hard levels. And you can skip around - a feature I appreciate since I could not solve Daisy #11 - even though it's classified as medium. I confess, I used a hint for that one.

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