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Friday, October 31, 2014

Number Painting: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

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Number Painting is a free puzzle app game that's been done many times before. It's a topology game, which I like. The object is to start at 1 and swipe through all the numbers and all the tiles and end on the largest number. The graphics are fine.

Yu JaeKwang Yu is the author and he has designed some very challenging levels here. His warning: 'Number Painting is not given hint. don't throw your device.'

Random thoughts:
An unfortunate thing is that you cannot go ahead or go back!  I did the first 150 levels in about 90 minutes. Keep in mind, I've done thousands of these before. (Sadly, that's not an exaggeration.)   I've spent over an hour on it.

There are 500 levels.  I'm currently stuck on 338 (for the past few days). Some of my favorite levels: 133, 183, 203, 205, 221, 253, 270, 300, 307, 309, 311, 319

iPhone Screenshot 5

What's particularly interesting: Level 147 is the first level that doesn't use any numbers - just question marks. They are all interchangeable - meaning any of them can be 1 or 2.  In level 156, half the markers are are numbers and the other half are question marks. Interesting variation.

Another interesting feature are the X boxes which cannot be traveled on. Some levels - I see the answer instantly. Others take a little trial and error and can take 20 minutes.. Many of the puzzles have multiple solutions, but not all.
Level 301 is the first level where arrows are used. Land on an arrow and you must go onto the next square indicated.
Level 319 was annoying! I won't tell you why. But if you get stuck on it, I can send you a hint.

Check out Numberic Paranoia and Space Dots which are both similar.

Update 11/4/14: I'm still stuck on level 338. I contacted the developers and they assured me that it was solvable. I'm # 1 on Apple's Game Center Leaderboard. However, somebody on the Android platform has gotten to 414.

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