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Monday, May 23, 2016

Number Push by Sang Moon Joo

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Recently I've been playing some new Point Scoring puzzle apps. Today is the first of 3 reviews this week.
iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4
Sang Moon Joo has produced a bunch of really good games recently. Number Push is very similar to Slide 123 (see link below).
Random numbers pop in the grid. After each one, you must slide a number vertically/horizontally. Like numbers will combine. Combos yield more points etc.
At first, I didn't like this game.  But I played it probably 20 times. It goes fast.

Interesting: Sang Moon Joo has a Global Ranking that is independent of a traditional Leaderboard. One disadvantage is that you don't know how many players are out there.
One advantage is that you can register your name two different ways on two different ipads.

Update on Hex 22: previously, I was frustrated when my very high scoring game did not get saved. I figured out why - your ipad must have wifi connection at all times.

Some of Sang Moon Joo's other games
Lines 123
Maze 11
Number Escape
4 Way Puzzle

Loop 101
Slide 123
Hex 22

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