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Monday, April 17, 2017

Cosmic Hare by Simon Broggi FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1
Cosmic Hare comes from Simon Broggi. It's a peg jumping solitaire puzzle app game.
iPhone Screenshot 2
The object is to jump all the hares so that only 1 is left.
iPhone Screenshot 4
What's different:
1. The Red Eagle will swoop down, 1 cell at a time to devour a hare. Be careful.
2. Some levels show have a 3D element. (See last image.) That is, solve one face with 1 hare left, then rotate the shape, utilize that lone hare from the first face, to get the other faces.
iPhone Screenshot 5

What I really like: there are only 39 levels! I solved them all. I also like the intro graphics.

You know, I normally only mention the puzzle designer. Today, I'm listing the other people because it takes a team to make a good puzzle app.
Raffaele de Lauretis did Illustration.
Mark van Raai did Sound Design.
Ursina Wirz did Marketing, Communication.
Kai Jauslin did Original Light Installation.

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