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Friday, April 12, 2019

Topsoil by Nico Prins FREE

 Topsoil comes from Nico Prins. Technically, it's another 'match-3' puzzle.  But it's far more sophisticated.  Your task is to place 3 plants on the grid, and then do some harvesting (scoring points).
1. A single square can be harvested.
2. Better to harvest a group of plants - provided their base is the same: either blue, green or yellow.
3. Suppose you have 4 fuzzy balls connected, but only 2 have a green base and the other 2 have a blue base.  You only can collect 2.
4. After harvesting, a green base will become blue, blue becomes yellow and yellow becomes green.
5. There's an important multiplier factor.  Which essentially gives this game a gambling element. Should I collect my 5 wheat now, or hope for more?
6. The Big T's (not shown in the images) will whither and blow away after 3 rounds. Of course, there are times when they must be harvested.

My thoughts
1. The key to getting a high score is to not gamble! 
2. When the T's start coming, that's when it's safe to gamble.
3. If you play the game a lot, birds will be added to your crops and those birds will increase your harvest points.  Theoretically, this is a great.  However, I've played this game a lot!  And I still have not earned the right to get birds in my pine trees. I'll need another month to earn birds for my oaks.

This game cannot be played quickly. Reminds me a bit of Bee Cells.

There's a $3.99 fee to remove ads.

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