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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Logic Flow by Armen Grigoryan FREE


Logic Flow comes from Armen Grigoryan.  The object is to slide the rhombi to their targets.
We've seen many many games just like this.  At least that was the first impression.  Yes the game has wormholes and reflectors and blockers. But there are surprises.
Scrutinize the second image closely which describes all of the elements.
Very very interesting: the wormholes and bumpers can sometimes travel like the rhombi.

At the moment, there are 184 levels created by Armen.  Other users are creating their own levels and uploading them.

Logic Flow starts out very easy and gets tough very quickly. At the moment, I'm stuck on #52.

Fans of Lunar Lockout: this game is up your alley!

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