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Monday, January 4, 2021

Arrower Puzzle - Brain Game FREE

Arrower Puzzle - Brain Game comes from 

Shanghai Youyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  The object is to get the arrows to the yellow targets.

The arrows will travel until they hit a wall. The red tiles will allow you to create a wall, virtually anywhere.  The blue ones will either create a wall vertically or horizontally.  There are also diagonal keys.
At first, I thought these were too easy. But I'm stuck on level 2-8, which is really level 24 out of 32.  On that particular level, there are 3 arrows and 3 targets and I can't determine which should go where.  Also, on that level there are green tiles which allow me to place a wall vertically or horizontally, but once it's placed, it's fixed.

This game has a lot of potential for many more levels. 

Happy New Year Everybody.


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