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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mystical Colors

The object of the puzzle is to move mirrors anywhere in the grid to illuminate the stars. Purple stars need lights from red & blue. The free version has 12 levels & we're stuck on 8 - temporarily.

We've seen similar puzzles. Prism comes to mind. It's available only for the Nintendo DS.


  1. Got the full version yesterday for free. The game itself is a little rough, but the puzzles are definately fun. Currently working on # 14.

  2. Well done Brent! I'm stuck on level 12

  3. me too now JB...15 is definately a tough one

  4. this is chromatron for the iphone. basic, but then so was the original.
    currently very stuck on level 21...

  5. I'm also stuck on 25. Can anyone give a hint?