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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New York Puzzle Party Symposium

The New York Puzzle Party Symposium has been an annual event since 2002. It will happen this Saturday 2/13 9:30 – 4:30

Scheduled talks

Instant Insanity Puzzle Family – In 1968, Instant Insanity was the country’s biggest game/puzzle of the year.

The Apartment Puzzle – Last year the NY Times reported on an apartment that was renovated with intricate puzzles in the cabinets, walls etc. One of the architects will be presenting a slide show.

The Puzzle King
– Betsy Carter, author of The Puzzle King, will talk about her relative who created the first die-cut jigsaw puzzle out of cardboard. Time magazine dubbed him The Puzzle King in the 30’s.

Puzzle Apps for the iphone Some people buy the ipod touch or the iphone for music or the internet. Millions of others (okay, just me) buy it just to download puzzle games.

Show and tell of Trick Knives These puzzles consist of either trick opening or trick closing mechanisms. No rumble is planned.

Flying Karamazov Brothers - a juggling troupe will be performing at 8:00 in the village.

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