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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rows Free: iphone ipad puzzle app Review

Fans of Tripevo and SET: you will love Rows Free by Nickolaos Kechagias. The object is to score points by aligning 4 tiles in a row that have all the same properties or different properties.

You are given 4 tiles at a time and can place them anywhere in the grid. Each tile has one of 5 colors, one of 5 shapes and one of 5 numbers. Therefore there are a total of 125 different tiles that can be generated randomly.

Rows Free cannot be played quickly. My high score right now is around 22,000 points, which took me 2 hours to accomplish. (That was one game.) The person with the highest score is 'Chunky1948' with 125,676 points. In 2nd place is 'Joy1127' with 107,790 points. These are incredible scores. If either of you ever read this, let us know how many hours that one game took.

The paid version of Rows is .99. That's cheap and you'll never have to look at those annoying ads.

Easily one of the best puzzle apps of 2012.

Rows Free easily makes its way onto the list of best free puzzle apps of 2012. Bravo Nickolaos!

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