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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fourbar puzzle app for iphone and ipad Review

Kevin Loewke recently contacted me about his mechanical engineering puzzle. The object is to move the blue circle and the semi-circle at the end of the red piece so that the white dot on the green bar will trace a path that will touch each of the stars.

I've done the first 7 levels - they are challenging. Level 17: I've tried this and cannot believe that it is possible. Yowsa! Obviously, I don't know much about mechanical engineering and wish that I did.

Update: I missed something in the instructions. The red bar and the other bars can be stretched! That changes everything! Last night I completed 22 of the 48 puzzles. Definitely fun. 48 levels is just the right number for this puzzle I think.Fans of Angry Birds should like this because it has a fair amount of trial and error.

There is a lite version. Give it a shot!

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