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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A note from a reader - can you help?

Hey- love your blog- I'm always looking for great new puzzles- thing is I never seem to find them. You've turned me on to quite a few and I appreciate that.
I'm writing because I'm wondering if you've ever heard of the game Blobbo. It was an old game on mac that was created by someone named Glen Andreas, and it was my very favorite game EVER! It was perfectly clever, cute, difficult the right way... It really utilized all parts of the brain. I'm always looking to fill the empty hole that Blobbo left but it never seems to happen. Closest I've come lately is a game called Puzzling Penguins 2, but even this one is one dimensional in it's funness. I know there's a name for these types of games... It starts with an S and I always get it mixed up with sudoku ... But I'm wondering if you know of other games that are like this out there..?
Thanks for your blog, again... really neat.

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  1. Jen,

    Susan thinks you were playing Sokoban. Of which, there are so many good variations.