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Monday, August 6, 2012

Arrow Command: free iphone, ipad puzzle app

Arrow Command is a set of 120 maze puzzles.  The Big Red Arrow must get to the red circle, while picking up stars along the way. You must place little red arrows to guide the Big Arrow home.

We've seen this type of puzzle before. Galaxy Express comes to mind.

Arrow Command has a few nice features:

1. Multiple colored arrows. The very easy levels have just one Big Red Arrow to get to its destination. Other levels have blue and green arrows that must get to their respective circles.

2. Wormholes: we've seen this before.

3. Toggling Arrows. Suppose 2 Big Green Arrows both need to go over a square with a green arrow on it. The first Big Green Arrow will change direction accordingly while turning the arrow off for the second Big Green Arrow. However, that second Big Green Arrow turns it back on for a possible third Big Green Arrow.

4. Color Morphing: A Big Blue Arrow can change its color to green if it passes over a green asterisk.

Right now, I've solved 80 of the 120 levels. The puzzles get hard! Arrow Command jumps onto the Best Puzzle Apps of 2012 list.


  1. hi tom
    looks interesting, i will give it a try.
    but, as far as i see, this game isn't free (it costs 1 buck).

  2. When I downloaded it, it was free. I've spent at least 3 hours on it. So $1 is