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Monday, November 19, 2012

Anti Virus: free puzzle game for all computer users!

Raf Peters contacted me recently about Smart Games' new set of on-line puzzles based on their board-game puzzles. Raf designed the concepts and challenges for most of them. 

This weekend, I play-tested Anti-Virus. It was designed by my puzzle friend Oskar van Deventer. The object is to slide the pieces around, along the grid lines to get the red piece out at the top left corner. The concept is similar to Rush Hour. But the pieces are weirder.

There are 120 levels. Of the 30 Expert levels, I've done 27 of them. The image here is one of the ones that has me stumped - temporarily. See the white dots? Those pieces cannot be moved.

Raf tells me that all of the puzzle games have been designed using HTML5, which means that you can play them on any computer. Even on ipads. I'm hoping they appear as apps later on.

You can play all of these puzzle games for free! But you have to register. So, get on the bus, Gus:

One more thing: about 6 months ago, somebody actually published an exact copy of Anti-Virus on the App Store. Naturally, I alerted the Smart Games people and their legal department took care of it.

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