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Friday, November 2, 2012

Connect!: puzzle game app for ipod, iphone, ipad

Connect! is a topology type puzzle app. The object is to connect a path from A to the furthest level. Your path may go horizontally, vertically, diagonally. You will probably have to zigzag.

The first 40 levels are free. And they're easy. But the next 120 levels are harder and cost $1.99.

Right now I've solved about 130 levels.  The puzzles are not very difficuly. But they're fun and perfect to play when 'watching' tv news shows.

I'm saving the rest of the levels for the Tuesday night's election.

Sidenote: recently I was called on the telephone to ask my opinion about the election. However, I was automatically disqualified from answering because, as a blogger, I influence other people.


  1. Your puzzle opinions are very political.

  2. Hi Tom and everybody,

    Thanks for the review.

    Please download this game on