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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Woollyman Block Buster Game: puzzle app game for ipad, iphone, ipod

Brad Hutcheson recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game Woollyman Block Buster Game.  It's another tilt-maze. The object is to slide your caveman over the frozen ice until he hits a wall, and then hopefully, the exit.

Along the way, you might need to pick up some vittles - in the form of bones. Wormholes appear too.

The most interesting feature: some parts of the ice can only be traversed twice, after that, it thins out and the caveman will drown. I'd like to see more puzzle levels that incorporate this.

Of the 60 puzzles, I've done all of them.
They're fun and somewhat challenging.  Definitely good for younger puzzlers.

I forgot to mention: the caveman is named Ug and his programmer, Brad, can be reached at - really!

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