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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Casland Games: part II of the review

Check out this image. Two weeks I wrote about the mechanical version of this bead sliding puzzle.
There is another mechanical version shaped with these 2 loops.

Look up: Moeraki Games on the app store. There are three different versions. One is the Lite version. Another is $.99.  The best of course is the full version at $2.99.  Check out how intricate those puzzles are.

As my mechanical puzzle collection grows. I often wonder: do I need every version of a puzzle concept. And which is better: to own the mechanical version or the virtual version.

In the case of Casland Games' Moeraki puzzles: I want them all!

One more thing: when you buy the mechanical version, it will come with a DVD that will install the game on your computer.

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