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Friday, July 5, 2013

Chainphoria: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Amir Michail recently contacted me about his new point scoring puzzle app: Chainphoria. The rules/objectives are not stated. They are for you to figure out. Like Vaccine Case and Deadlocked.

Chainphoria seems very similar to DropZap and DropZap 2. If you are fans of those, then I think this is up your alley.

Personally, I'm not a fan of DropZap, but I know lots of folks love them.  Chainphoria is a bit different. After playing it a few times and succeeding - I'm still not sure how or why I succeeded.

I think the graphics are very cool.

7/22/14 update: Amir just contacted me about the rules. Cannot simplify them, so here they are!

Chainphoria Simplified Game Rules

The following writeup omits some details but should give you a good idea of how to play Chainphoria. It is a work in progress. Please send feedback to 

Learn 1: Basics

  • Tap a column to make a move. All pieces in the selected column will become activated
  • An activated piece will attempt to activate a match with an adjacent piece based on color. 
  • When a match occurs, each piece involved in the match will: 
    • shrink (large to medium, medium to small, or small to nothing) 
    • become a targeted piece (if it is not already one) that 
      • wants to move to the selected column if it is not already there 
      • wants to move down (like an untargeted piece) if it is already in the selected column 
  • A targeted piece has two colors, one for matching, and another to indicate the column to which it wants to move. 
  • As a chain reaction proceeds, additional activation steps may occur. 
  • A piece that just moved in a particular direction will be activated if the piece in front of it along that direction did not also just move in that direction. 
  • A piece may be involved in more than one match in which case it will want to move to the column closest to it that contains an activated piece in one or more of those matches.

Learn 2: Recolor and Create

  • Learn 2 introduces recolored and created pieces.
  • A match may skip over a piece or a gap but not both.
    • Activating a match that skips over a piece will recolor the piece to the color of the match.
    • Activating a match that skips over a gap will create large circle(s) of the match color.

Learn 3: Followers

  • Learn 3 introduces piece following.
  • A targeted piece may at times follow an adjacent targeted piece provided that they are of the same color and want to go to the same column.
  • When a targeted piece is acting as a follower, it is shown without a diamond.
  • Following is done like this:
    1. follow piece above provided that it is not in the target column; otherwise
    2. follow piece above and left/right provided that it is a column closer to the target column; otherwise
    3. follow piece to left/right provided that it is a column closer to the target column; otherwise
    4. follow piece below and left/right provided that it is a column closer to the target column; otherwise
    5. follow piece below provided that it is in the target column


When you destroy (at least) 50 pieces, you will get a bonus based on the number of free slots in the grid after the chain reaction completes, all remaining pieces will be removed, the multiplier will be incremented, a new row will be inserted. 


When you destroy (at least) 50 pieces, the multiplier will be incremented after the chain reaction completes but there will be no bonus and no pieces will be taken off the grid before a new row is inserted. 

Learn with a Friend

Two heads are better than one! Try any of the single player learn/game modes in a cooperative two player mode!

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