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Friday, August 30, 2013

Block Path: free puzzle app game for ipad, iphone

Block Path is one of many topology puzzle apps that have been made over the past couple of years. It's hard to keep track of them!

You are given the starting square - blue and must draw a continuous loop that covers the whole grid.  Orange squares are obstacles. If you have ever studied topology, you should first identify which square must be last. From there, it's a lot easier.

There are 35 free levels. I got stuck on a few of them, but prevailed!  Each World of 35 costs $.99. There are 5 Worlds.

I then downloaded BlockPath Pro which only cost $.99.  (Thanks for the promo code Richard!)  I did the 165 puzzles in about 90 minutes while cooking, watching tv etc. I've done thousands of these, so I've become really fast.

Still, some of them had me stumped.

If you're looking for more of these, try Numeric Paranoia, Chemin and Mortal Coil. Mortal Coil is most similar to Block Path. It is more difficult because the grid sizes are huge and it does not give the starting square.

Still, I think Block Path Pro is a very good game and will look forward to updates.

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