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Thursday, August 22, 2013

TupTap: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

TupTap is a puzzle app game that's similar to the 15 puzzle. But it's different!  The object is to get the numbers in order. Blue #s on top, green #s on the bottom - in the correct order.

Tap on 2 adjacent numbers and they will switch.  Tap on 2 numbers not next to each other, and they will this way: Look at the blue 1.  Tap on it first, then tap on the yellow 6. All the numbers in that row will shift to the left - except for the blue 6. And the blue 1 will be just to the left of the blue six and to the right of the yellow 6.

You are given a limited number of moves to sort everything.

The Lite version has 5 easy, 10 hard and 20 pro levels. The easy ones are way too easy. The hard ones have 96 cells. One minor problem with it: the colors are not quite distinguishable.

Still, I like the concept and think this is very good.   

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