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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Big news today from Oskar van Deventer

Shapeways has just announced that their pricing model will be more cost
oriented. This means a huge price increase by a factor 3 or more for twisty
puzzles. Apparently, the handling cost of those many tiny pieces is much
more than what Shapeways has been charging. Unfortunately, this
cross-subsidizing by other Shapeways models is coming to an end. The price
increase will come in effect on Tuesday 7 October, i.e. next week.

You can read more here.

So for those of you interested in twisty puzzles, this may be the moment to
start shopping at
You can buy the parts from Shapeways directly. I would be happy to provide
you with assembled and stickered sample(s) of my puzzles. However, the
current price would only apply if I would receive your order before the end
of this weekend, so I can order parts at their current price.

I apologize for jumping this news onto you like this. I wish it were better
news. Prices are supposed to go down, not up. The fact that not any of
Shapeways could even get near to their prices should have been a clue.

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