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Friday, September 12, 2014

Light Weaving: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Dapeng Liu has created an interesting puzzle app game called Light Weaving. I meant to post a review of this game - months ago! But, as most of you know, there is a constant avalanche of new puzzle apps that have me a bit disorganized.
The object is to get a closed loop for each colored light. This is done, at the early levels, by rotating individual pieces.  Look at the second image. To get the blue light you'll have to rotate the corner piece, the pipe above it and the terminus.
iPhone Screenshot 3               iPhone Screenshot 4
In the harder levels, tiles can swap positions. In the third image, can you can see the arrows under the purple/orange tile? Tap on that tile: the piece above it will swap with the one below it. Same effect for the tiles to the right and left of it. The third image is from a complex level because in that case, the arrow tiles themselves can swap locations. Very complicated.
The 4th image shows gears - meaning that you if you rotate one, they all rotate. Think about this: what if you want just some of them to rotate, not all?
The 'mirror' tile (not shown in any of these images) will reflect the image of a neighboring tile.
There are 100 levels of Light Weaving.
I stopped at level 73. And just for good measure, and some fun, completed all 100 in the last couple of days. Surprisingly, the last 10 are kind of easy.
 There's a lot of fiddling with this game. To get 3 stars - you must concentrate.
We've seen this type of puzzle before - but just at the basic levels. Dapeng has really made some great innovations here.

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