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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Open Bar - Keep 'em coming!

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Loyal Blog Follower Daniel Scher alerted me to Open Bar - Keep 'em coming!

screenshot2.png  screenshot3.png

Daniel's description of the game to me pretty much sums up very nicely:
'The mechanics of the game are pretty simple: You need to place two to three tiles on a small grid to create single-color straight paths. You always have exactly three moves to create all the paths and clear the grid. On each move, you either drag a tile on to the grid or move an existing tile on the grid to a new space. Before dragging a tile onto the grid, you can first rotate it. One interesting move, which doesn’t get used nearly enough, is to drag one tile onto another to merge their paths.

Once you get past the first 20 levels or so, the game doesn’t get any harder. In fact, you can play infinitely long because the levels are randomly generated. While the game isn’t going to win any awards for being deep or hard, I do think it’s pretty original and elegant. The fact that you can solve each puzzle in exactly three steps makes it a great time filler. And if you want to add some extra pressure, give yourself a time limit of, say, a minute to solve each level. Some of the levels had me stumped for a while!'

My 2 cents: I've solved approximately 70 levels and I totally agree with Daniel.

Maxime Beaudoin is the author.!/id1065519317?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo=4

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