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Friday, February 5, 2016

Merged!: Puzzle game for all devices

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Merged! is a point scoring puzzle app game.  The object is to put three or more 1's together.  They will Merge! to form a single 2.  When three 6's Merge!, a single M is created.  When three M's merge, they disappear at the same time as the 3x3 grid that surrounds the final M.  This leaves more space for new numbers.  The game ends when you've run out of space.

I'm a big fan of this game.  The graphics are very crisp & cool.  The mechanics of the game are most similar to Put Number (link below).

There's a gambling element at play. You may have two 3's, two 4's and two 5's all lined up for one big chain. If your next number is a 5, do you take the easy points and free up space?

My high score is 4618 and that places me at 1303 out of 629,339 players.!/id1055672607?mt=8

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