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Monday, March 21, 2016

Brain Game University

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Dan Hansen recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game Brain Game University. (I think you can get a degree in playing his puzzles. Maybe get a job writing a blog about puzzle apps. Make your parents proud or extremely disappointed. Wasting so much time. It's really okay. I don't need your sympathy and/or pity. My grade point average could be a bit higher too.)
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Dan's description:
The multiplayer brain game app you've been waiting for: 41 challenging brain games, each with hundreds of variations, that let you play alone or in Game Center while earning your Bachelor of Gaming Arts degree.

Can you make the dean's list? Wreck the curve? Get straight A's? Getting schooled has never been so much fun.

The Brain Game University Curriculum:

• 2048 - Earn the 2048 tile before the grid fills up
• 4 Letter Words - Solve a puzzle filled with 4 letter words
• Arrows Away - Swipe in the direction of the most arrows
• Block Star - Tap on groups of blocks to remove them
• Boomer - Avoid exploding tiles while swiping paths
• Brink - Slide puzzle tiles into the correct positions
• Card Sharp - A card game where it's 21 or bust
• Code Breaker - Tap colored pegs to solve the code
• Color Match - Match tiles with reversed colors
• Concentration - Match hidden letters, numbers & shapes
• Connect: Connect dots with matching colors
• Deja Vu - Try to remember which tiles you've seen
• Edge Match - Match puzzle tile colors & patterns
• Fifteen - Slide tiles into the correct order
• Flash - Simon Says using flashes & sounds
• Fruit Crunch - Match 3 fruits to crunch them
• Grid Guru - Repeat increasingly complex patterns
• Heap - Try to move all the playing cards onto the heap
• Hopscotch - Slide letter tiles between rows to spell words
• Hunt & Peck - Create words by tapping letter tiles
• Mines: Uncover tiles without detonating mines
• Misfit: Tap the item that doesn't belong
• Number Crunch - Answer math expressions with swipes
• One & Only - Find the unique tile color
• Paired Up - Tap the matching pair of colored animal tiles
• Peg - Peg Solitaire with colorful marbles
• Rounders - Slide round tiles until the numbers match
• Scramble - Slide letter tiles to unscramble words
• Shape Shift - Match shapes before they shift
• SlideWays - Slide tiles until they match the board
• Smashed - Smash groups of blocks as fast as you can
• Sudoku - Fill each 3x3 box with the numbers 1-9
• Tetravex - Slide tiles until all adjacent edges match
• Total Recall - Memorize & recall words
• Treys - Find 3 cards that are all the same or all different
• True Colors - Tap tiles that are true to their color
• Unity: Unite matching tiles by swiping them together
• Word Crunch - Find words by swiping in a straight line
• Word Hunt - Form words by tracing adjacent letters
• Word Warrior - Recall letter tiles in order to create words
• Yacht - Roll 5 dice to make 12 different combinations

I reviewed Dan's other game Edge Match about 5 years ago.

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