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Monday, November 7, 2016

Sevens Up by Lisa Burns Free!

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Do you remember the game Merged!? It's a great point scoring game.

Sevens Up by Lisa Burns is essentially the same thing, but with an addition.

But let's go over the objectives first.  Score points by getting 3 of the same number together.  Three 4's will merge to form a single 5.  When three 7's merge, all the surrounding tiles disappear.

In the original Merged! playing 1 game could take an hour or more.  Sevens Up offers the opportunity to extend the game practically forever.  Look at the third image. In the bottom right corner is a tile with 2 arrows.  Placing this on the board will eliminate the tiles in that column.  How do you get those tiles? By merging three 7's.

I played this game for about 30 minutes without using any of these special tiles.  After 45 minutes, I realized I needed to intentionally lose the game.

Sevens Up offers a nice twist on a great game. The graphics are nice.

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