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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tomb of the Brain by Miroslaw Zielinski $.99

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 1
Tomb of the Brain comes from Miroslaw Zielinski.  It's one of those topology puzzle app games.  The objective is to pass Your Man over every square once.  If a square has two dots on it, then it must be traversed twice.
iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 4
Each puzzle has a distinct start and endpoint.
Arrows force the direction of Your Man.
Wormholes must be used.  I found one level without using the wormholes and was perplexed as to why I didn't solve the level.
There are 90 levels and I have no idea how many I did. The menu does not allow me to go back to any previous level or even determine what level I'm on.

The title Tomb of the Brain  I'm not sure what that means.  Maybe it implies that you need to dig deep into your brain to solve these.

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