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Friday, December 9, 2016

Queue Ball - Free Minimalist Puzzle Challenge by Digitype Agency Free

  Queue Ball- screenshot thumbnail        Queue Ball- screenshot
Queue Ball - Free Minimalist Puzzle Challenge is the name of game. Do you remember Sequence Nine from a few months ago?  The two games are extremely similar, just different graphics.
   Queue Ball- screenshot       Queue Ball- screenshot
The object is to get the ball - Your Man - to pick up the stars.  Look at the last image.  See the 4 empty squares on top? Those are the 4 steps for that problem and they will repeat over and over until the objective is met, or Your Man falls off the grid. You must choose which direction each step should be. The third image shows an example of the steps.
   Queue Ball- screenshot    
I don't know how many levels there are, but I'm stuck on level 25 or 26.  Good game.



  1. I really like this a lot... I feel that Sequence 9 was one of the breakout originals this year, and was a bit worried that this one might just be a rip-off... But I am very happy to say it is absolutely not!!! It is more than likely inspired by Sequence 9, but there are so many new elements in it that it is excellent in its own right...! A great find! :-)

  2. 26... It's tough... I cruised through many, but slowed down around 22, but this one has slowed me down a bit... Fun! :-)

  3. Ok... This is now officially irritating, and if anyone has a way of getting in touch with the author of the app I would appreciate if they would do so for me (I have not yet found a way; there may be a facebook page, but I am not on facebook).

    Ok. First up, I think it is a really great puzzle. After I had done quite a few levels I "bought" the ad-free version (partially to get rid of the ads, but mostly to reward the author). That's when the fun started. It then started to hang when loading (I can give a more detailed description, but here is probably not the right place for that). I tried force-quitting the app and restarting it (a few times) but that did not help. I tried completely restarting my phone (and later a complete hard reboot) and that didn't help either. In the end I deleted the app and re-installed it.

    It now works, there are two new things. The first is that I have to start again (not worried about that; should be up to where I was soon). But the ads are also back. There is a button that says something like "restore purchases", but it doesn't work. Annoying...

    I am still going to keep playing, because I love it. But these bugs are a bit annoying...