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Monday, December 26, 2016

o:anquan by Pine Entertainment Free

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o:anquan is a point scoring puzzle app game.  It's has a very unique concept. Not easy to explain. According to the author: 'The idea of ​​o: anquan is inspired by the control of a traditional Vietnamese children's board game (Spread the number to score). '  Ell Tee is the author who also did numDance, see link below.
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You score points by getting 2 or more identical numbers. Suppose you have a 6. You can spread it out into all 1's or maybe a single 4 and two 1's.

After every move, 3 new numbers are added.  Also, higher points are awarded for large clusters and for higher numbers.

This is a very serious point scoring game.  Patience is required. The top scorer has 306,420,695 which is beyond phenomenal.

My high score is 13,756 which places me at 273 out of 52,927 players.

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