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Monday, February 6, 2017

ReBound Lite by Hoon Nam Free!

iPhone Screenshot 3
ReBound Lite comes from Hoon Nam. It's a maze with rotating mirrors game.   The object is to get the little silver ball to collect all the big red balls and finally get to the white square as its destination.
iPhone Screenshot 4
We've seen lots of games like this in the past. They're fun. ReBound Lite has 15 levels. At the moment, I'm on level 9 or 10.
iPhone Screenshot 5
1. The graphics are okay. But the silver ball could be a larger.
2. If the silver ball has too many rebounds before all the goals are met, you lose.
3. Very Interesting: Look at the 2nd image.  See the black circles that resemble clocks? When the silver ball passes over them, certain reflectors change direction.  Most of the reflectors: you can change the direction by tapping. But not all.
4. Love This: You can pause the round midway to rethink how you're going to get the last set of red balls.

Addendum 2/7/17:
Level 9 I thought was impossible. Clever problem.
The paid version has 24 levels for $.99.

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