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Friday, July 14, 2017

Pushing Machine (Original) by Rafal Roszak FREE

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Back in December 2016 Ruslan Goncharenko came out with Push It. Sokoban Edition. I played it, but did not review it. I should probably go back and play it some more.

Rafal Roszak has created another version of this with 12 ranks of difficulty ranging from Practice to Impossible. Altogether there are 10,125 levels.

The object is to push the boxes onto the targets. The machines can push 1 box, or it can push another machine. Very similar to sokoban.

These puzzles are absolutely fantastic.  At the moment, I solved just 2 of the 675 Impossible levels. Each took me about 15 minutes. I've also solved a bunch of levels in the other categories.

1. There should only be 200 levels grouped into 4 categories.
2. There should be a Leaderboard feature to motivate people to keep playing the game, for bragging rights.
3. There needs to be a better Undo button.
4. There should be a video tutorial that shows how to solve a few easy levels and 1 Impossible level.

This is a great game and great concept. But it's unlikely that I, or anyone, will solve all 10,125 levels.

Push It, Puzzle Edition same mechanism, different objective, also from Ruslan Goncharenko

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